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Backup system questions


Hi everyone,

When I perform a full backup and download the file is this good enough to do a full restore if I re-installed Discourse and did a re-import on a fresh discourse?

It’s upgrade time and as our community grows I feel uneasy about command line upgrades. If this goes down for any reason and doesn’t come back up I’m not informed well enough to tackle that straight on. I’d rather know that a full restore is possible therefore I’d make a big effort to backup the DB before any major upgrade is performed so I’m in a position to restore and continue business as usual in the event I had to re-install due to my instance not coming back.

Thanks in advance for any tips you can share to deal with this situation.


The backup system in the admin panel is really good. I used it a few times without any issue.

Make sure to take the uploads files during the backup, the file is bigger but you will have everything you need. Nothing will be lost.

If you have to use it. Just install/reinstall Discourse, upload your backup if you need to, activate the backup restore function and given the size of the file and the server in 30 seconds or a few minutes everything will be like the moment you saved your forum : Messages, settings, uploaded files or images.

I imported a 1.5 gb backup in 5 minutes last november from the admin backup page.


Brilliant! Thanks for your detailed response.