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Category description on mobile


Hi everyone! i am trying to set up my community and i found a problem:

This is a screenshot of my phone with the categories page:

and this is the chrome inspector of the same page:

as you can see, in the “responsive” version the category description will show, but in the real mobile version it won’t.

I’m kind of lost on why this happens, so any help will be great! thanks!


What model is your cellphone?


Responsive is not mobile, responsive is very small laptop or desktop browser window.


It’s an Alcatel Idol 3


Thanks for your reply. Ok, so the problem comes in “mobile” I guess. So any idea why the description keeps being hidden? Also, i would like to thank everyone who designed this amazing software, it really rocks. :slight_smile:


It’s hidden on purpose with CSS. Just add the appropriate CSS if you want to show it.


Thanks Falco, do you know by any chance which code is it? Because if responsive is not the same as mobile, i don’t know how to use an inspector to check which is the hidden attribute.


Why are you fixated on selecting “responsive” in the chrome UI? Select AN ACTUAL MOBILE PHONE FROM THE LIST to test mobile. There are other selections in that list, so … select them?


Hi Jeff.I’m not “fixated” on selecting anything, i have already checked that and the behaviour is the same as in my mobile phone. Here you have a screenshot using same resolution as on my phone,with same effect.

So i just would like to know why the description is hidden by default on Mobile.

I am sorry if my questions are annoying but i’m not a developer, nor a tech person, just someone who is trying its best to use your software


It is hidden by default on mobile because mobile devices are smaller and don’t have the screen space to display everything that a laptop or desktop computer does, with a much larger screen.

Mobile devices typically have 5" or smaller screens, whereas a laptop has 17" or 15" and a desktop 20" to even 50".


And it’s there a way or CSS code to unhide it? Because that space looks a little empty to me, and i think that maybe with a small font size the description of the category could help visitors to know what the category is about. just and idea because even with 5" seems to be enough for it.


No, there is no way to do this at the current time.


psst, you need to refresh when switching between user agents for it to render with the correct “mobile” view.


i tried this on the mobile css view, and it worked so now it shows

.category-list.with-topics .category-list-item .category-description {
display: block;