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Community contributions to the official slack plugin


It's only been a few days since this PR was created, but I have not received any responses or feedback on any of the other PRs I've created in the past 3 weeks either, which feels long compared to prior experience with PRs to discourse proper.

I'm wary of making any other changes on top of these, and certainly don't want to attempt any larger changes without input from the maintainers.

What's the current appetite for community contributions to this plugin?

Is there anything I can do better as a contributor to make things easier?


It is a difficult time because we are trying to close up the release. @tgxworld might have time to look at it next week.


OK, cool... hope all goes well finishing off the release!


How to send custom notifications on my slack channel when user reply to any post?


I guess you already aware of the /discourse watch|follow commands for slack. What you mean by custom notifications and how it should work. Can you please explain a bit more?


@tgxworld and @codinghorror, I wanted to reach back about this question after seeing the recent posts here raising similar concerns around the perception of inactivity with this Slack plugin.

If you look at this PR, it seems like I’m just talking to myself.

It feels like the team is much more responsive to PRs in the official repo vs. this plugin repo even though it’s official.

I’ve been around a while here and I realize it’s encouraged to discuss new features here on meta first, before building them. Prior to implementing this I did create this topic. There were no actual responses, but I took the handful of likes from the team as a good enough reason to go ahead when there was no written response after some number of days.

I’m both wondering where to go from here on this PR, as well as whether you see any adjustments that can or should be made either by the team or by would be contributors to official plugins that might help make things go more smoothly.


Sorry for the lack of response/activity regarding the PR. Part of the reason for my lack of enthusiasm for this plugin revolves around the fact that I don’t feel like the plugin was done properly from the start and it had a total lack of tests until recently. I’ll like to rewrite it at some point given enough time but right now I feel like we’re building on top of a very shaky base.


Thanks @tgxworld, it helps to understand where you’re coming from. Let me know if you have any general guidance on what kind of direction you’d like to see things go with the plugin.

I also wonder whether there may be an opportunity to work more closely with @David_Taylor as I see he has been doing work in a similar domain and helping to improve the testing story for plugins in general.



The work I’ve been doing recently has been a part of getting tests working nicely for the discourse-chat-integration plugin (my GSOC project), which hopefully will be the successor to the slack plugin.

I’ve set up a way of getting plugins to be able to run their own tests on travis (against the latest tests-passed version of core), so we can get the nice “green tick” on any pull requests people may make. It even re-runs the tests every day against the latest version of core, to watch out for any changes that will break the plugin! Hopefully that’ll help with encouraging/reviewing community contributions.

If it works reliably, and the team would like me to, I can get it set up on the other official plugin repos as well. :slightly_smiling_face:



I want to send slack notification when ever user replies to any post or any new topic created. How can I do this?


Then create a filter rule with category as ‘All categories’, filter as ‘Notify of all posts and replies’.


Kindly guide me how can I apply filter?


Plugin topic already having the instruction and screenshot.