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Editing posts in a topic bumps them up, at times



I have a Discourse forum where we need to go through some very old posts and correct minor errors from the vBulletin import we did, like incomplete tags etc. The forum has no core modification installed, so it is basically the latest Discourse build as it is.

The problem we have is that once every 5-6 posts we edit, the post edit causes the thread to go back up in the timeline. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Is there a reason why some posts are being bumped up and others no?



Edits on last post in a topic bump it. If the topic has only one post, edits will bump it.


Thanks Rafael - is there a way to prevent this other than modifying the code?


If you need to do a lot of modifications, like tag all topics that meet a certain criteria, or change URLs in all posts, we recommend using the rails console or a rake task.


Yep, I have no problem with that. The problem is that these edits are being performed by non-technical users, like moderators, over a long period of time and consist in editing the actual post content. I will take a peek at the code, maybe I can put an exception temporarily for edits done by admins.


It’s a cumbersome hack, but they can change the timestamp to push it back down the timeline.


See also:


So I don’t know if this is the same thing, but I decided to add to this topic instead of starting a new one.

This topic is in my “latest” list as being updated 9 hours ago.

but the last post is over three years old. There are no edits later than April 2014, either.


Spam post that was deleted, or otherwise a post that was there and then retracted in some way.