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How can I change WYSWIG to be more simple?


I’m using Polish version of discourse, and I can see BOLD and Italics and Head as a words not just icons like in your version.

How can I change it to simply looking bar just like you’ve got

BTW Five days ago I installed fresh version of discourse and I absolutely love it. For last few days I’m struggling to made my forum to look like yours. Fresh, minimal and simple. Is it possible for you guys to export your theme and settings? Or maybe there’s option to buy it?


BTW @sam I’m using your simple Theme (and I love it), there’s just a little bug in category view :wink:


Probably your polish translation is wrong. Contact the reviewers for polish translation on transifex
Meanwhile you can correct the problem locally (only for your forum) in admin/customize/site_texts
Search for js.composer.bold_label , js.composer.italic_label and js.composer.heading_label.

The default theme of Discourse here on meta is the default theme for all new installations.
You can change the color schemes running again the wizard.