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How to find my replies that didn’t get a reply?


Is there a way to get my replies (answers to posts) that didn’t get a reply after that?

As moderator in a dev (support) forum, I am sometimes more a triage bot that asks people for clarification, missing data, etc. Now some people seem to think it is ok to just ignore these and I want to see how many there are.

Is there a way to find my replies that I wrote in topics and that didn’t get a reply?
Maybe even with an additional filter of “2 posts in topic” to get those where only the initial topic post and mine exist?


Check out the data explorer plugin.


You can use the ?max_posts=1 query too.



Aha! I looked too quickly on the advanced search page. I now see “min post count”, which might have been enough for me to infer your solution.


Sorry, seems my title and question were not clear enough. I edited both

max_posts works great to find posts that didn’t get any or enough replies.
I am really looking for a way to find my posts where I replied to someone, and this reply is the last post in the topic.


Oh, that would have to be done via the Data Explorer Plugin.

This might get you there (replace my username with your own).

SELECT u.username, t.id, t.posts_count, p.post_number FROM topics AS t 
  LEFT JOIN posts AS p ON t.id = p.topic_id AND t.posts_count = p.post_number
  LEFT JOIN users AS u ON p.user_id = u.id
  WHERE u.username = 'cpradio'

It is grabbing the posts that have a post_number the same value as the posts_count for the topic (thus the last post), and then checking that the username on that post is ‘cpradio’

last-reply.dcquery.json (363 Bytes)