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Putting username in header link


I’m trying to add the username into a header link like so:

   <li class='last'><a id="pprefs" href='http://webchat.ghostsirc.net/?channels=kiejr' target="_blank" title="Kiejr Chat" class="nav-link"><span>Chat</span></a></li>
             <script type="text/javascript">
               var currentusername = Discourse.User.currentProp('username');
               document.getElementById("pprefs").href = "http://webchat.ghostsirc.net/?channels=kiejr&nick=" + currentusername;

But the username is coming back undefined, and making the link

It’s probably something minor that I’m not quite getting here.
Help would be much appreciated!


May be Discourse not yet ready. Try it inside ember initializer like this ‘alert’ example.