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Which Julia set?


Problem 2 from our in class fun sheet identifies the following picture as the 5/11 bulb:

and asks you to draw the orbit. Can you find the location in the Mandelbrot set using our zoom tool and then draw the orbit using our Julia set plotter?


Here it is circled from the Mandelbrot zoom tool:

The ball visible in the upper right corner is the 2/5 ball for reference

Now, here's how the Julia set and orbit look:



I used the coordinates (-0.6976763400737501+0.279795344286355i) from the Mandelbrot zoom tool to use on the Julia set plotter. I knew to use these coordinates because I found the bulb it used through the bulbs 1/2 to 1/3 to 2/5 to 3/7 to 4/9 to 5/11.