An archive of Mark's Fall 2017 Intro Stat course.



I’m not sure how to preform a t.test on the homework posted for tonight.
The question reads as follows.

Do consumers spend more on a trip to Store A or Store​ B? Suppose researchers interested in this question 
collected a systematic sample from 8282 Store A customers and 7979 Store B customers by asking customers 
for their purchase amount as they left the stores. The data collected is summarized by the accompanying table. 
Suppose researchers decide to test the hypothesis that the means are equal. The degrees of freedom formula 
gives 158.28 df. Test the null hypothesis at  =0.10.

So, basically I am confused on what data I use to preform this t.test. Could someone help me sort out this problem?


The problem only provided the summary of the data. The chart should be to the right of the question. Use the info from the chart and plug it into test statistic equation for two means (11-3-17 class note). Hope this help.