CBD Studies

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Let's consider the following recent news stories surrounding cannabis:

  1. According to a current story on al.com, several Alabama families have experienced reduction of chronic pain and improvement in symptoms from ADHD by using CBD.

  2. According to an NIH study based on on the National Comorbidity Survey of over 52,000 adult Americans the prevalence of obesity among all Americans is 22 percent but only 14 percent among those who regularly use cannabis.

  • What types of studies are these?

  • Can you identify any potential confounding variables in the second study?

  • If we think of the second study as preliminary, describe an improved study that we might use to determine the effect that the use of cannabis has on obesity. Be sure to

    • Describe how the study would proceed and
    • Use the correct terminology describing the type of study and its procedures


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    I'm unsure whether problem 1 is anecdotal or observational

  • @jordan said:
    I'm unsure whether problem 1 is anecdotal or observational

    Study #1 is definitely anecdotal. Signs indicating that this is anecdotal include:

    1. A very small sample size (just 2 cases here)
    2. Not at all systematic.
    3. No mention of a statistic (like 4 out of 5 dentists, or whatever)
    4. No reputable publication like the American Medical Association (the local news doesn't count!)
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