HW 12 Question 5 C

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Hey all,
I'm working on question 5 and have am given the following data set:

d = [64.5, 64.1, 65.1, 64, 65.2, 66.5, 61, 65, 65.8, 68.7]

From there, I computed the sample mean 64.9, null mean 62.3, sample size 10, and std. dev 1.963245612075406.

Trying to compute the test statistic as follows:

(64.9-62.3)/(1.963245612075406/3.1622776601683795)= 4.187923235822834

That's not the right answer, but as far as I can tell that's the forumula I should be using? Where am I going wrong?




  • I edited your question to account for your full problem version on Edfinity. When I compute the mean of that data, I get 64.99, rather than just 64.9. I think that should lead to the correct answer.

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