HW #11 Q2

I got everything on the question except for part b

Here is my question: We are interested in estimating the proportion of graduates at a mid-sized university who found a job within one year of completing their undergraduate degree. Suppose we conduct a survey and find out that 349 of the 400 randomly sampled graduates found jobs. The graduating class under consideration included over 4500 students.

Here is part b:

I just can't figure out what goes in the second blanks for the equation/ inequalities for np and n(1-p). I've tried a few things but it seems that everything I try doesn't work, so I'm really just looking for clarification on what it's asking for in the second blank and if there is a certain equation I should be using. Thanks!



  • As a general rule, we want $np$ and $n(1-p)$ to be be larger than 10.

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