HW 12, Q 4 g&h

It's asking for a 92% confidence interval, but I can't find that on the t-table. How to I find the t score for a specific confidence level like 92?


  • If you need to find a $t^*$ multiplier for a confidence level that's not on our table, you'll need to use some software. You could use a command like the following:

    from scipy.stats import t
    # Out: 1.517897992387647

    Keep in mind that this will depend on the degrees of freedom, as well as the confidence level. Also, that command yields a one sided area and corresponds to a picture that looks like so:

    You probably want a two sided computation for a confidence interval and need to make the appropriate change.

    If you don't have Python with SciPy handy, you can always do it online like so:

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